Your Business Needs to Survive Without You

Are you a business owner or key stakeholder? Business succession planning and estate planning is essential as a business owner. It helps to protect the business you have built and invested in. Business succession planning means having up-to-date plans in place to ensure that your business can continue when you are gone. While estate planning […]

The Most Special Way to Donate – Through Your Will

Have you considered donating a sum of money, unused items, or a percentage of your estate to a local charity in your will? Charities and non-profit organizations do so much good and vital work for local communities. They often rely heavily on private donations. These organizations help to fill the gaps in providing for and […]

The Gravity of Major Life Changes Like Divorce

Having a valid Will in place is an essential part of an effective estate plan. However, it is also essential to ensure that your Will is regularly updated to reflect major life changes. One of the most commonly occurring life changes is divorce. Legally, divorce or the annulment of a marriage has the potential to […]

3 Practical Steps to Ensure Effective Estate Planning in 2024 and Beyond

Have your Will drafted (or updated) by a professional The first, most essential step in your estate planning journey is to ensure that you have a valid Will in place. In South Africa, a valid Will determines who your beneficiaries will be and how your estate will be distributed when you pass away. Having a […]

FISA South Africa: Why It Is Important To Have A Registered Professional Assigned to Your Will

FISA Registered Professionals

Assigning FISA (Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa) registered professionals to handle your Will adds a layer of expertise and professionalism to the estate planning process. Here are several reasons why it’s important to involve FISA-registered professionals: FISA Legal Expertise FISA-registered professionals, such as fiduciary practitioners, estate planners, and trustees, have undergone specialised training and education. […]

What is a Life File and Why Should I Have One?

Fiduciary Specialists

The most important estate planning tool is a valid will. Having this in place allows you to decide who your executor is, who your beneficiaries are. In doing so it allows you some control on how your estate will be managed and distributed. While having a valid will is essential, it is not enough on […]