What is a Life File and Why Should I Have One?

Fiduciary Specialists

The most important estate planning tool is a valid will. Having this in place allows you to decide who your executor is, who your beneficiaries are. In doing so it allows you some control on how your estate will be managed and distributed. While having a valid will is essential, it is not enough on […]

Wills and Trusts In South Africa: Here’s Why You Need Both

Will vs Trust in South Africa

A will and a trust are both invaluable assets and neither one can replace the other. A will is essential to the timeous distribution of your assets according to your last wishes but a trust provides a safeguard and contingency plan as well as a tax-efficient way to manage your assets. When it comes to […]

Why You Need a Qualified Executor Appointed on Your Will

why do you need an executor for your will

It is recommended that a professionally qualified executor be nominated on your last will and testament. Being an executor of an estate requires attention to detail, knowledge of laws that govern the administration of deceased estates, effort, and full engagement throughout the whole process which takes on average 10 to 12 months to finalize in […]

What Happens To My Cryptocurrency When I Die?

What happens to your cryptocurrency when you die? It’s a valuable asset that you don’t want to be lost and It may seem obvious, but you have to actually itemise your cryptocurrency in your will. Like any other asset you own, if it isn’t listed in your will, it falls into the residue or remainder […]