What are the Advantages of a Family Trust?

A family trust is an estate-planning instrument that creates a legal relationship between various people. When a trust is established, a person (the founder) or people (the founders) donate money or assets to another person (a trustee) or people (trustees) to hold for the ultimate benefit of a different person (a beneficiary) or people (beneficiaries). […]

Advantages of Having An Executor Who Is A FPSA®

Appointing the executor of your estate is an extremely important decision because he or she will ‘step into your shoes’ when you pass away and be responsible for the administration of your estate and ensuring that your final wishes are honoured, and your loved ones are taken care of. The administration of a deceased estate […]

A Life File: Helping your family in your absence

How to create a life file - easy to use downloadable template

A Life File (or ‘File of Life’) is a document that contains important facts and information about you, your significant others, your properties and vehicles, and your life and health policies. When you pass, your executor is able to use this information to efficiently wrap up your affairs. Please note that a Life File is […]

What Is A Digital Will and Why Should You Have One?

Marsh fidelity what is a digital will

A digital Will tells your executor what to do with your online assets when you die. It’s a document that focuses on what you would like to have said and done with your online memberships and accounts. Do I really need a Digital Will? A digital Will isn’t as crucial as a Last Will And […]

Estate Planning: Why You Should Create A Letter Of Wishes

Marsh Fidelity Letter Of Wishes

While most of us know that it’s important to plan for the smooth handover of your estate when you pass, not everyone considers how valuable it would be to leave a last letter. Did you consider one while conducting your estate planning? This letter – a ‘letter of wishes’ – is something that you attach […]

Dealing with Loss and how to grow around grief

dealing with loss - tying up your loved ones estate

When I was seven years old, I was in a tragic car crash. This crash impacted and directed my life in so many ways. Dealing with the loss I faced was challenging but I never lost hope. My empathetic approach to life and business is founded on my personal experience.  A Season Of Grief My […]

How Divorce Impacts Your Will and Your Children

Life is not always easy and difficult decisions at times need to be made for a number of reasons. Often events happen in our lives that we have not wished for or planned for. We understand life is not perfect and we encourage our clients to contact us as soon as a major change in […]

Specialists: A Rare Find In Modern Times

When it comes to our personal health, we seek specific, professional advice for each aspect. If we need advice on our heart health, for example, we do not only consult with our GP. We are often referred to a specialist in that specific field of work to ensure we are correctly cared for. The same […]