Our New Branding – Why Mangroves?

We at Marsh fidelity have recently updated our branding. Our new branding symbolizes growth for Marsh Fidelity and encompasses the key themes that are important to our team, our clients and the work we do.

Marsh Fidelity – Who We Are

Marsh Fidelity is a team of professionals specializing in will drafting, deceased estate, trust administration and estate planning.

Our motto is ‘creating an enduring difference’ as we aim to make an enduring difference in the lives of our clients and their families through our services.

Daniel Marsh – Director & Fiduciary Specialist

Lee-Anne Don-Wauchope – Administration Manager & Tax Practitioner

Ariana Dwyer – Legal and Estate Administrator & Admitted Attorney

Our Areas of Specialty

We specialize in will drafting, deceased estate and trust administration, and estate planning. In these areas, many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration. We draft wills that meet the legal requirements and take all contingencies into account.

With estates, we use our expertise to reduce, where possible, the costs, taxes and timeframe in which an estate is managed. In doing so your beneficiaries receive the greatest possible inheritance upon finalization.

We also assist with the formation of trusts through the Master’s office and act as an independent trustee to manage the trust and ensure effective compliance.

Clear and effective communication is the key to any relationship, and is essential in the circumstances and areas that our services are required. This is to give support, comfort and security to all those involved.

We work with care and efficiency to provide the highest quality service by ensuring that estates and trusts are run, and wills are drafted, as efficiently as possible.

Our Valued Clients

We provide services to living and surviving family members who need estate, trust and will planning. As a business we also believe in the importance of providing education and knowledge around these topics. This brings peace of mind and closure to our clients and their families.

Marsh Fidelity works with and assists other professionals, such as financial planners, attorneys and accountants. These professionals are all specialists in their areas and need non-competitive products and services in estate, trust and will planning.

Our Brand Themes

Our new branding themes emerge from three main brand archetypes, or personalities. These are the caregiver, the sage and the everyman. The caregiver is altruistic and driven by a desire to help others, and they analyze their client’s needs and wishes.

The sage aims to uncover the truth by learning, and they analyze, structure and share their findings with their client’s to help them understand the process better. The everyman is simple, wholesome and friendly to everyone.

Our New Logo

New Branding – New Logo

Our new logo is inspired by nature. In particular, Mangrove trees, and their network of roots.

Our new branding strongly identifies with Mangroves due to their resilient and connective nature. Mangroves live and function by a network of roots that hold soil together, and through this bond they thrive in challenging conditions. These trees are important as they protect coastlines from erosion by calming turbulent waters. For this reason they are seen as safe havens and places of refuge for wildlife.

Being specialists in fiduciary areas, we align with how mangrove trees grow together to thrive during challenging times and provide a safety and security for others. Like mangroves, we aim to be a safe space (safe haven) for our clients and their families during difficult times. We also aim to work alongside other professionals (form networks) to bring peace of mind, comfort and closure (calm turbulent waters).

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We are so grateful for the incredible support shown towards our new brand identity! We cannot wait to see what the future holds, we are really positive about it.

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