Family Remembrance Book

The current lead time to shipping is two weeks. We took a lot of time to create and custom print these books and they are currently in manufacturing in Cape Town.

The perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. A collection of your personal memories to be passed down through the generations. We have created this book for you to save special family memories, advice and photos so that in the event of the loss of a loved one, you have their heart and photos all in one tangible place to get you through the grieving process and pass down to those who may not have had the time with them that you did.


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Family Remembrance Book



A Family Remembrance Book would make for the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. It would be something to take pride of place in any family library.
I imagine you and your family perusing the book together, and having the book inspire some great storytelling and memory sharing. Then, one day when you’re gone, it will be a comforting reminder of not only the thoughts shared in its pages, but also of the times spent together looking through it.
This book was created as the result of my own personal experience. You can read my story here to fully understand the importance that something like this can hold and why we believe that it is the perfect gift.


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