Specialists: A Rare Find In Modern Times

When it comes to our personal health, we seek specific, professional advice for each aspect. If we need advice on our heart health, for example, we do not only consult with our GP. We are often referred to a specialist in that specific field of work to ensure we are correctly cared for.

The same specialist approach needs to be applied to our financial health and the different stages of our financial life.

True specialists in the financial administration industry seem to be becoming rarer and rarer as medium to large businesses are now offering a wide range of services to capture many markets. It is not uncommon to find businesses that offer insurance, accounting, financial planning, investment management, banking and deceased estate administration services all under one roof.

At Marsh Fidelity, we seek fulfilment in knowing that we offer a boutique service done with exceptional attention to detail as opposed to offering a variety of services that cannot all receive our full and undivided attention. Our sole focus is caring for our clients’ needs when they are no longer able to and ensuring their deceased estates are attended to with care and efficiency. We also work closely with CFP’s, insurance companies and lawyers to provid their clients with this specialised service. In doing so, we are able to give them time to focus on their clients’ needs and core service while knowing that their clients’ estates are being taken care of.

We are committed to making lasting differences in the lives of our clients and their families. By specialising in a particular line of work, we believe this will be achieved.

As a business, we believe that the difficult times in your life should not be accompanied by unnecessary stress and paperwork. As we grow we look forward to making a difference in as many lives in the future as possible.

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